Organizational Culture

In recent issues of the magazine, from the Association of Talent Management (ATD), several articles have been written about the importance of Organizational Culture.

 One in particular, struck me as extremely relevant during this COVID-19 pandemic…… 4-Ways to Build a Great Company Culture for Remote Workers.

"Organization Culture"

by Guest Blogger Mike Nolan,
President, Friesen Kaye and Associates

The message was simple: When all employees pull together, distance doesn’t matter.

If you define organizational culture as the underlying beliefs, assumptions, values and ways of interacting that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization, then these four quick tips can apply.

  1. Promote together time: With the dozens of interactive platforms available (ZOOM, Adobe Connect, WebEx etc.). along with their tools and capabilities, managers can and should check in daily or weekly to model open and engaging interaction.
  2. Embrace Uniqueness: Part of the fabric of organizational culture is the ability to identify, capitalize and evolve individual passions. Discussion boards for like-minded co-workers whether it’s sports or hobbies can contribute to that unique social environment.
  3. Log who knows what:  Communication in virtual offices can be frustrating with endless phone tag, unanswered emails, and/or questions only being partially answered through a long chain of back and forth texts and other social networking. Communicating openly with the identification of roles, contact information, quick help and answers to important questions, not only increases efficiency and accuracy but it supports the idea that each individual is seen as just as valuable as the organization itself.
  4. Share the company’s purpose: Making sure every employee understands the organization’s mission, values, and vision are critical empowerment principles. Working from a shared philosophy for a common cause will positively influence employee engagement and commitment, especially for those working in a virtual environment.