Who Is OrgFitech?

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We are a young company focused on helping Organizations strengthen their culture by ensuring the right Fit between employees and organization utilizing innovative technology.

After evolving iterations of software since 2012 from beta testing sites, the company manifested itself in 2019. An Organization’s employees, both current  and future hold the balance of power of Organizational success. Choices around culture is the ingredient which truly makes a difference.

Meet The Founder

President: Greg Smith

Greg Smith is an entrepreneur, educator and a consultant. He is passionate about helping Individuals continuously learn and develop. He also loves to discover ways and means for Organizations to sustain and prosper.

Greg loves teaching, developing and facilitating workshops, creating strategies for the future and deploying the realities of the day. His unique combination of comfort with both tactical and strategic thinking compels him to explore roads of discovery where he might not have traveled before.

Where Are We Heading?


To continuously strengthen Organizations by empowering Job Seekers and Employees. We currently have two additional new potential products undergoing feasibility analysis. Stay tuned.

To develop technological solutions that strengthen organizations with agility and sustainability.

Our Partners

Our trusted partners are not necessarily proponents of the software being offered through this website. They are resources for Organizations that understand the importance of culture to business successes.  This critical competency could be developed either through training or consulting support that OrgFitech trusts.

Trusted Partner Stratford Managers Corporation
Trusted Partner Friesen, Kaye and Associates
Trusted Partner: University of Ottawa's Professional Development Institute